Brave Aussies recognised in 2014 awards

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A Sydney store manager who risked his life to protect a colleague and customers has been recognised with one of 47 bravery awards bestowed by Governor-General Quentin Bryce.


Andrew MacDonald, from Padstow, will receive the Star of Courage for protecting customers and a staff member at his Bonnyrigg store from armed men in 2010.

The awards, announced on Monday, will be presented at a later date.

“Today’s announcement of national bravery awards recognises the heroic actions of those amongst us who have placed the safety and lives of others before their own,” Ms Bryce said in a statement.

“We are privileged to have such role models in our society, and it is an honour to be able to recognise their acts of selfless bravery and thank them publicly for their brave actions.”

Mr MacDonald was the only person this year awarded the Star of Courage, Australia’s second highest bravery award, for “acts of conspicuous courage in circumstances of great peril”.

The Padstow resident garnered the award for protecting his co-worker and customers from three violent assailants, despite being threatened with a gun and shot at.

Fourteen people, including 13 men and one women, were awarded the Bravery Medal this year for acts including rescuing others from a shark attack, vicious dogs and house fires, and protecting people from armed attacks.

They include a Victorian man, Damian Hall, who rescued a woman and a baby from a dog attack after he saw the pit bull attacking the infant in a pram.

On seeing the attack, Mr Hall jumped out of his car, grabbed a wrench, and rushed to the pair’s aid, hitting the dog so that the woman and baby could get to safety.

He then came to the aid of another woman who was being mauled by the dog, and he later had to be treated for bite wounds sustained in the incident.

Charles Kable, who died trying to save a girl who was swept out to sea at a NSW beach, will also be honoured.

Mr Kable was swimming at Patonga Beach when he and number of children visiting from overseas got caught in a strong tide and were swept out about 150 metres from shore.

Mr Kable grabbed hold of one girl and held her above the water until he fell under the water and lost consciousness.

The girl was rescued, but Mr Kable couldn’t be revived.

This year’s awards also includes 22 Commendation for Brave Conduct and 10 Group Bravery Citations.

Nominations are considered by the Australian Bravery Decorations Council.

Just five Cross of Valour awards and 142 Star of Courage awards have been given out since the Australian Bravery Awards were established 1975.

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