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Over one million Australians work from home and a quarter of all employees spend at least some time working from their own abode, according to the ABS.


If you’re one of the people who spend a large chunk of time working from home, you’ll know how your mood and productivity can be affected by your working environment.

Here are six tips to create a home office haven from professional organiser Denise Childs and interior designer Tania Bell, who together run Home Office Makeover Experts (H.O.M.E).

1. When selecting furniture for your home office, make sure you co-ordinate the pieces. Think of your business future needs, will you need an additional desk or shelving unit for future employees? If so, think of purchasing it now and set up the office in one go.

2. Invest in a good quality office chair, not only will it improve your posture by being comfortable, but it will increase your productivity.

3. Think of adding in one or two indoor plants on your desk top. They’ll look good and also improve the quality of the air you breathe, helping to reduce your stress.

4. Keep all your like items together, such as writing materials, batteries, envelopes, etc. This not only saves you time when looking for something, it helps with stock control.

5. Remove unwanted or unused items from your desk and office. If it’s not being used it’s clutter and taking up valuable space.

6. Get rid of the In Tray. It’s a black hole of forgotten memos, invitations, reports, etc. Instead create individual files for these items and label them. As soon as a document enters your office place it in a relevant file to be dealt with in due course.

What’s inside the home office of professional organiser Denise Childs:

– Three labelling machines

– A large pinboard with all things at the ready for quick and easy reference

– A large clock

– Post-it notes

– A battery operated pencil sharpener

– A multi line phone with intercom capabilities around the house

– Desk drawer categorised and sorted so everything is to hand

– To Do List and Weekly Planner

– Whiteboard and yearly event planner

– Plenty of power and powerboards

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